I have grown to love secrecy. It seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvelous to us.

Oscar Wilde

Our secret place is set in the heart of Drôme provencale in a hidden place in nature.

Welcome to Grignan, village from Drôme provencale. The famous Marquise de Sévigné stayed here in the 17th century.


Near the castle of Grignan, which is part of the historic Adhémar county, between truffle oaks and lavender fields, at the end of the path you’ll discover the Jas des roches. Five acres of silence where you’ll enjoy reconnecting with nature. Our B&B is perfect for lovers and parents in search of a peace and intimacy.

The older part of the house hosts our three guest bedrooms. The most recent part is our private place.

The 8 by 4 meter pool’s water is treated with a salt electrolysis system.

Solar water heater, heat pump, water drilling, smart watering, organic soap, we use all these means to preserve nature.

*Grignan is classified among the most beautiful French villages.

Maison d'hôtes Drôme provençale