Environmentally Friendly

We moved to Jas des Roches in 2021. This property needed to wake up and be upgraded in all areas. Whenever possible, we favored eco-responsible solutions.

2021: recommissioning of the solar heating system for domestic water. Replacement of all exterior lighting with LED systems, with automatic on/off or specific programming.

2022: switching to a thoughtful solution for outdoor watering with water consumption halved; stopping watering and ponds in the event of tension on the Grignan water table.

2023: installation of a latest-generation heat pump producing heating in winter and cooling in summer.

2024: installation of photovoltaic panels producing between 40 and 50% of the electricity consumption of Jas des Roches.

We favor short circuits and local producers for fresh products, vegetables, fruits and meat.

The hygiene products available in the guest rooms are all labeled organic.

Waste is sorted, recycled or composted.

Maison d'hôtes Drôme provençale à Grignan - Jas des Roches